July 24, 2016

My Wedding Day

Our Beautiful Wedding

I have to share my wedding day as my first official blog post, just because it was purely magical. I knew of my husband since we attended the same high school- he was a young freshmen when I was a senior (yes, I’m a few years older!). We never really spoke in HS since I was much older, but years later we connected on social media, which is where it all started. At a time in my life when I had no intention of getting into a relationship, he was persistent. After multiple requests to take me on a date, I finally gave in. After only 8 months of dating, we were engaged! I was in the middle of my doctoral program and he was finishing his MBA, so wedding planning became tricky. I was SO lucky to have an amazing mother and sister who planned the entire day!
(sorry for so many pictures- I couldn't help myself!)

"Nothing can dim the light that shines within"

My wedding party was THEE BEST!

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